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Spooky Forest


Our Hayride was always FREE before 2020. During the pandemic, we required reservations and started charging a small fee to cover operational costs.

We are tired of everything costing more since 2020, so we are waiving the reservation fee and returning to our roots.. FREE HALLOWEEN HAYRIDES!

If you enjoy the Hayride, consider leaving a donation after the ride so we can keep the fog fluid going and ghosts happy! Thanks for your support over the years.

There are limited tickets; please reserve only the tickets you need. 15 reserved tickets are available for every time slot, and 10 walk-in tickets per time will be available at our red booth.


This is no joke. The Pumpkin Patch has the best family-friendly hayride in town. This hayride will take you for a 10-15 minute round trip through the Haunted Farm, Sneaky Forrest, and the Creepy Corral. 

You will see why this has turned into a family favorite and tradition for many!

Monday Night Hayride Tickets

Saturday Night Hayride Tickets

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